The Ocean – Part 2 (Short Story)

At the age of thirty-seven Danny enrolled as an undergraduate student for marine ecology at Stanford. His impressive résumé initially surprised the course administrators and the professors alike. His natural enthusiasm complimented his background and good references cemented his selection. Today, Danny was here, in the middle of nowhere in the Gulf of Mexico on […]

The Ocean – Part 1 (Short Story)

Thirsty, his throat was dry. Danny woke up sweating and his heart beat fast. The last three and a half years had not exactly been good for his sleep. The tiny bed space would make it even more uncomfortable. The only advantage was that his colleagues on the ship found his sleep patterns disturbing them […]

4 Artists paint a tree

I recently watched a documentary about the artists who animated the first Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. They were talking about how they had to adhere to a style of painting because they were trying to make one single imaginary world. However in their free time they all went for a trip and were all asked to […]


I love to sketch. I didn’t always know that I could draw. In 4th standard, our art teacher saw a sketch I made of a peacock and told me that I should make it better. I remember feeling good and intimidated at the same time because she was angry that I was not making good […]