4 Artists paint a tree

I recently watched a documentary about the artists who animated the first Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. They were talking about how they had to adhere to a style of painting because they were trying to make one single imaginary world. However in their free time they all went for a trip and were all asked to paint one tree. All four of them had very different styles of painting and all of them saw the tree very differently. They saw different aspects of the tree. One saw it as decorative, one architectural, one saw it as gritty and detail oriented and one saw it as mystical. But the fact is they all were trying to portray one single tree.

The same can be said about various religions of the world. All of them have a different take on creation, way of living life and death. They all deem some aspects very important while the others, not so much. But what they are really trying to do, is understand. They are, in their own way trying to ask questions: why, what, how, when , which, etc. What is important is what lies behind all these interpretations? You are right, its the tree.

Lets not forget the tree. The same tree that we are all trying to paint here. We all paint it differently. We are all artists, trying to paint our own tree. So lets just get on with it. It would be bad that we are not allowed to paint at all. It would be bad if we are not allowed to express our version of the tree, if we would not be allowed to express ourselves. However, in order to paint our tree, we don’t need to annihilate the other’s version, do we? Lets not try an block peoples capacity to imagine and believe in their own version of that tree. Lets all appreciate the fact, that at least, we are capable of imagination.


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