To The World’s Biggest (fill in the blank) cracy

First of all I would like to congratulate the people of India for their band new leader, Mr Narendra Modi. It’s after a long time since a big country (big enough to be frequently in the news internationally) has unanimously, with a clear majority won the national elections. Such a display of unity sends a strong message worldwide which currently is healthy for India.

Another night of not being able to sleep, I thought of writing this blog article but then had to think a lot over how to make it unbiased since Modi Campaign had been very successful in polarizing the voters. So I will just talk about what I am looking forward to seeing in the next 4 years (with a probability of 90% of promises being blatantly forgotten).


  1. We have to, unfortunately, sideline Modi’s involvement in the communal riots in Gujarat. Now that he is supposed to be our “class representative”. Modi himself has to sideline it from his own psyche. The day BJP won the majority was the day the older Modi had to cease to exist.
  2. Modi has one of the most difficult tasks in the world and he is capable of it. He is walking on the tightest rope in the history of the country. No, India is not bankrupt like it was in the 80s but the people who voted for him, literally voted for him, not his party. Even the staunchest of Modi supporters know that BJP is as corrupt as Congress or any other Indian party and I wont even say that with any reservation. With 38% members with criminal backgrounds, BJP is not going to bring Utopia to India. People voted for a leader who appeared to have “performed” his duties well. People have chosen a leader and a government servant, which is how it should be. Now any promises broken would be the promises he broke, not BJP. One could hear it even on Facebook, “Ab ki baar, Modi sarkaar” which means: this time, Modi Government (please pay attention, it does not say BJP government)
  3. It now falls on Congress to at least make a strong opposition. I have my doubts over what made Rahul Gandhi smile so much at the press conference with Sonia Gandhi, after Congress suffered one of the biggest losses in its history. It could be shock, weed or good old acting. But one thing is for certain, in the elections when Sonia Gandhi could have become the Prime Minister of the country, she should have. If its “performance” that people care about, then she could have simply worked great and proven herself. Instead, she chose to make a puppet show out of Congress collecting a bad rep from pretty much everyone when she spoke and the Prime Minister himself kept quiet. Now, she should have quit with dignity, letting Rahul Gandhi and others with a fresh perspective guide Congress but no, she is still there. This will do Congress no good. With so many massive scandals to her credit, she is no good luck charm for her party.
  4. Now we come to Aam Aadmi Party consisting of “clean chit” technocrats, journalists and social workers. With an honest and extremely amateurish Arvind Kejriwal at its forefront. This party disappointed people so much that it will take a whole new generation to trust it again. So that means that AAP has a long time to learn Politics (at least 8 years), although they can make a much healthier opposition as compared to Congress.
  5. BJP’s silent treatment to basic human rights (yes, this includes women and homosexual people) has to stop. The next generation will undoubtedly be more educated and connected; it does neither need nor want an irrelevant organization like RSS. With RSS trying to carry out surveys on Facebook to decide which women should be respected more: police or actresses, the whole thing is so wrong on so many levels that I wont even grace it with any explanation.
  6. Modi the “Performinator” has to better economic relations with Pakistan. He has to defend India’s industrial carbon emissions and try to convince the so-called first world to bring their carbon emissions down first. He has to revamp the Police force in India (make good use of Kiran Bedi who trusts him enough to be associated with him).


I wish him all the best!






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