Shakira Turns Three Leg Warmers Into a Dress!

So reads the Imdb front page from today. OMG! She is multitalented!

I cannot be happier for Shakira and more power to her in the future. However, I cannot feel more insulted as a human that in the times of wars, rapes, murders, cover-ups, international privacy breaches, economic crisis and some major propaganda campaigns, rivaling the second world war times, we have the need to feel distracted with such bull shit.

Was 2001 not meant to be a space odyssey? Our predecessor generations had a vision of a future with flying cars and grand space travels. Where is my car then?

What’s going to follow is an overeducated and sleep-deprived brain’s rant. Run for your life if you were hoping for Shakira’s talent analysis.


And now, for the remaining brave soldiers who stayed behind, shall we?

Where to begin?

Yeah, Flying cars.

Cars generally don’t fly. Why? Well.

For all those people who dreamt that our generation will be flying to school, they simply couldn’t fathom that the year 2013 was as gracious economically as the times of Charles Dickens. Remember the orphan Oliver Twist. There was utter poverty with the few privileged living so that they could eat and vomit and eat again or was that the French Revolution. Pardon my facts here. It’s the sleep cycle. Anyways. Currently economic disparity is similar to the one at the time of Charles Dickens time of extreme poverty. People generally say that the top 15% of the richest people if only share their money, life would be so much better. Actually in Britain, if they do so, each person will have an extra 500 pounds. I read that on BBC but due to BBC’s recent disappointing coverage of “interpreting the Indian Nods” and similar shenanigans make me doubt that too. There is no God!

In such desperate times (maybe not for China and India, they have other shit going on), developing technology for flying cars is not that important. Or that it seems. Actually there is quite solid lobby groups here in Germany trying the best they can to hold onto their legacy of oil guzzlers. Germany hence doesn’t mess with Russia and US doesn’t mess with Saudi Arabia. Iran is India’s best friend and so on and so forth. We live in 2014 but on the systems, values, technologies and motivations of 1914.

People blame the system. “It’s the system thats rotten!” And?

What anyone or any government that claims this has done? Maybe apart from Scandinavian countries, all others want to either be markets or cheap consumers and everything finishes there. How many of us actually understand the system to actually fault it in the first place?

In school just like 1914, we are taught languages, literature, mathematics, science and social sciences (some geography and civics), in India at least. CIVICS, the most important aspect of humanity: governance, public powers and responsibilities, social manners and communal living and harmony, this is all encompassed in maybe 20 – 40 pages in our history books. How many of us actually remember what’s in our Constitution? How many of us actually care?

Not many. Ofcourse some do. Some end up being politicians don’t they?

I think it was Abraham Lincoln or any of those early Presidents of the US who said that the nature of power is such that it attracts some of the most depraved among us as they seek to exert power over others not because they feel a responsibility to take care of the community.


When the children should be learning CIVCS, they learn algebra, scientific names of ferns and the diameter of the sun. Ofcourse its not that simple. These things are also very important to us. They are the future. But WHAT makes these subjects as our future priority?……..hmmmm….now I’ve got you!

In order to understand that we need good governance, the concept of power and responsibility, prioritization of not only survival but also proliferation with technological advances, we need to learn how things actually take shape. Unfortunately most of the time, the people who don’t even understand this concept or hardly care, end up with this duty. We are such losers really sometimes!

Before we decide for our future, we need to understand law. I must admit, I had the least respect for lawyers while growing up, well, because I thought they were money-sucking scumbags. A lot of them are. But tell me one profession where we wont find them? Understanding law gives each citizen enormous power against exploitation. But alas. A raped teenager won’t really know that she has rights! She needs to have the copies of her statements, given to the police, with her and not the defense lawyer. Hence when there is a religious ceremony and the defense lawyer doesn’t show up, she at least has the papers and they wont just get lost with miracles performed by the guilty’s family money.

When life has become fast and dangerous, why our future generation should be taught how the mitochondria burns ATP before it UNDERSTANDS that it IS the future of life on Earth. This reminds me, has anyone seen the trailers of the movie Transcendence or related science fiction, especially Hunger Games.

Now coming back to flying cars.

What future do I have? According to Wikipedia, if I am lucky I get to live for 60 more years so I should only be caring about what happens in those 60 years or maybe 200 because we want to have healthy children and grandchildren.

Yeah that’s not happening! Rise and shine.

Our children will be much different from us, they will live in a warmer world full of insecurities, over-crowded, and pumped with fertilizers in the food they eat. Heck even mothers’ milk has them.  They will have more health amenities though, so they can live unhealthier but longer lives. I will also live longer and I would like to welcome old age but Russia and US scare me shitless. I am not a pessimist, I am just sleepy.

There are 4 possibilities to what awaits us:

  1. Apocalypse: maybe some people are left to live a depressed life
  2. Hunger Games: Need I say more, loads of poverty and hunger and Paris Hilton with her puppy being groomed with a diamond collar. Aww I love puppies though.
  3. Compromise: We give up Oil and coal. Earth lets us……
  4. We enter the world of Transcendence (without the evil computer hopefully). Let me explain: We Reprioritize. Change the existing system. Combine forces and stop fighting and spending on science leading to weapons. Instead focus on science leading to awesome discoveries and possibilities for us so that we can make mommy daddy Big Bang proud of us.

Its easier said than done though. What would we do if we are constantly threatened and fear for our lives. I would like to have a gun. Heck I would, if I could bring a gun with me to India. If anyone messes with a tiny girl, they get their leg blown to bits. AND THAT’S THE FUCKING PROBLEM.

We as human beings have been at constant competition with each other, as people, as tribes, as countries, as businesses, etc. We are constantly being threatened by our own kind.  Technically we are still no better than a group of angry dogs fighting because one of us didn’t let the other sniff our bum! Ridiculous.


Instead we get what we deserve: Shakira’s three leg warmer dress! FML




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